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Our Story

We started in 1992 as a technology and product design & development services company providing ”out of the box” end to end solutions to global fashion and apparel brands. With our head office in NYC and global teams placed across MENA and Asia we offered a combination of flexibility and convenience that was unparalleled for it’s time.

Our commitment to our customers and innovation led us to purchase our own factories in strategic locations across the world. Due to the growing needs of our customers we also made strategic partnerships and investments with dozens of other manufacturers in the value chain- expanding our capacity, flexibility and product catalogue.

Our focus on innovation and breakthrough product development led us to develop design studios in Canada, USA, Jordan and Pakistan with quick response product development centers in Pakistan, Jordan and Bangladesh.

We have also diversified our interests by investing in real-estate development and in various high growth brands and also obtaining regional licenses for a number of well established international brands. Most recently we have also entered the specialty chemicals, specializing in developing and optimizing synthesis process for pharma, chemicals and electronics industry.

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