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Our manufacturing division is a multi-national consortium of  JV factories, manufacturing Men’s, Ladies and Children’s apparel. We have factories in 4 strategically located jurisdictions; Pakistan (duty free access to Europe), Bangladesh (duty free access to Europe and Canada), Egypt (duty free access to USA) and Jordan (duty free access to USA and Canada). 

We have the ability to shift production from one country to another- from one factory to another based on ‘anticipated’ trends or mercurial market conditions. As a result of our commitment to innovation, sustainability and our strong foothold across the apparel value chain has today lead us to being the leading suppliers to some of the world's most renowned Brands.

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Partner Factories

Jordan | Pakistan | Egypt


Capacity: 6.5 Million Units / Month

Product Types: Activewear, Synthetics, Knits, Denim, Sports Wear, Light Outerwear

Customer Locations: USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Mexico







Joint Venture / Partner Factories

Egypt | Pakistan 

Capacity: 13 Million Units / Month

Product Types: Woven, Knits, Activewear, Denim, Sportswear, Light Outerwear

Customer Locations: USA, EU, Canada, Mexico

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